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How EditNow Works?

After signing into your EditNow account, you can upload any high school assignment for us to edit. You can pick from a selection of turnaround times. Depending on the turnaround time selected, EditCoins are deducted from your account upon submission.

Your uploaded assignment is reviewed by both an editor and a senior editor before it is returned to you through email or your EditNow portal––as soon as 30 minutes within your original submission.

Once your assignment is submitted, it will be distributed to our of our highly qualified editors. The editor will provide comments on diction, style, flow of arguments, and overall logic of your statements. We're here to make your assignment better––whether it's for a higher grade or admission to your dream school.

The revised assignment will then be passed on to a senior editor who will review the previous edits, add additional comments if necessary, and finally upload the edited assignment to your EditNow portal. You will receive an email with the edited file as well. Should there be any problems with the edits, please inform us within 48 hours.

Our Services

EditNow offers editing services in two areas: school assignment editing and university application editing. School assignments are covered by our IB/AP experts who cover all subjects in these curricula. University applications are covered by our admission experts, who are more than familiar with current admission standards.

School Assignment Editing

All editors have scored either a 7 (for IB courses) or an A (for AP or other high school curricula) in their subject of focus. All our editors have gone through college level courses, so even if you do not follow the IB/AP curricula we are still more than comfortable with it.

The editor's ability to edit and mastery of material is examined strictly before they are allowed to work. They are examined in four ways before they are cleared to work.

Your assignment is first edited by an Editor then double checked by a Senior Editor before it is handed back to you. Our IB/AP experts cover all IB/AP subjects so any high school paper is within our realm of expertise. Even if you do not follow the IB/AP curriculum, all our editors have gone through college level courses and are comfortable with editing your work.

University Application Editing

All consultants hail from prestigious universities around the world. Their ability to edit and mastery of admissions essays are examined in the following ways before they are allowed to work for EditNow.

Our team combines experience from seasoned veterans with up-to-date knowledge from recent graduates or senior students in universities. We know what works––and what doesn’t. An Admissions Consultant edits your application before a Senior Admissions Consultant double-checks it and sends it back to you.


Users can purchase one EditCoin for 10 HKD. The pricing for our services is as follows.

School Assignment

Turnaround (h) Cost
0.5 100
1.0 60
3.0 45
6.0 35
12.0 30

IA/EE/Written Assignment

Turnaround (h) Cost
1.0 160
3.0 140
6.0 130
12.0 120


Turnaround (h) Cost
1.0 100
3.0 80
6.0 70
12.0 60

College Supplement
(≤ 500 words)

Turnaround (h) Cost
1.0 90
3.0 70
6.0 60
12.0 50

College Supplement
(> 500 words)

Turnaround (h) Cost
1.0 160
3.0 140
6.0 130
12.0 120

About Us

EditNow was founded on the dream of providing on demand tutoring services 24/7. Coming from diverse backgrounds, we are a team of passionate educators determined to pass on our academic success to younger peers. We’re determined to help you achieve the best grade possible. Below are the administrators that head EditNow:


The University of Chicago, B.A. in English Literature, B.A. in Economics

Certified by both Columbia University and the American School Counsellor Association as a College Admissions Specialist, Joey teaches at Maroon Education, where his students have achieved improvements of at least one letter grade (for example, from a B to an A) in IB English and History. He has also advised students on college applications who have gone on to receive offers from highly selective schools like Johns Hopkins University, Carnegie Mellon University, and Pomona College.


The University of Chicago, B.A. in Economics

Born and raised in New York, Beverly attended a Catholic high school on a full-ride scholarship before transferring to New Explorations into Science, Technology and Math (NEST+m), where she graduated as salutatorian. Beverly currently as a Milgram Fellow of Education at the University of Chicago. She is also the Assistant Director for Whatever It Takes, a non-profit test prep program based in Chicago, and works as a contracted tutor and essay consultant for numerous education companies.


University College London and University of Hong Kong, Bachelor of Law

Ellen is a dual degree law student with experience working for law firms and chambers in London, Beijing and Hong Kong. She has received many awards in mooting and debating competitions, and served as a committee member in the UCL Law Society to help juniors develop. She is passionate about providing opportunities to her younger peers, and enjoys advising them on college applications and essay writing.

Join Us

EditNow welcomes people from all walks of life to join us––never too old nor too young to join us! Even if you’re a high school student deemed too young by most corporations, shoot us an email and we’ll try to work something out! We love providing hands-on learning experiences through internships as well. With EditNow being a growing venture, we promise a deluge of opportunities and direct participation in our operations unrivalled elsewhere.

Below is a list of position vacancies. If interested, please email us your resume or CV at [email protected]. If you have neither let us know why you are interested in this position and any relevant experiences. Please indicate what position you are applying for in the subject of the email.

EditNow is currently seeking editors, marketing and customer service personnel. Please download this document for detailed job descriptions.